Artificial intelligence, combined with the human mind, is an inevitable boom

Just as the discovery of electricity and the invention of the wheel, artificial intelligence (AI) has become one of the most disruptive technologies of recent times. Since Polanyi’s paradox, a new approach to this technology has emerged, heralding the onset of the fourth industrial revolution. Every day, new developments arise seeking to surpass the possible and the imaginable.

According to Fernando Caviedes and Mauricio Caviedes from Iridian, artificial intelligence has become a business asset with numerous applications. When combined with human brilliance, it can achieve exceptional results in various industries. The brilliance of all this lies in the ability to have computer programs capable of performing functions similar to those of the human mind and combining them with human logical reasoning.

This progress is reflected in the developments we see daily in different productive sectors around the world. These advancements have enabled companies and brands to transform the way they are perceived by their customers.

“The fashion sector is a clear example of what can be achieved when human and AI minds are fused. At Iridian, we developed a project for Gucci in which we reinforced their business intelligence dashboards to take them to another semantic level. The benefit began with a much more sophisticated organization and visualization of the data, from which it was possible to develop predictive models,” explained Fernando Caviedes from Iridian.

Similarly, in cases like customer service, AI in synergy with the human mind has made great strides. “In these cases, AI notably improves the user experience. There are spaces where Bots are the channel and are continually fed by supervised and reinforced machine learning. There are brands like Udemy that make an interesting blend between machine and human so that the percentage of closures of new students through a chat or call center is higher,” explained the founder of Iridian.

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Meanwhile, the healthcare sector has also experienced a synergy between technology and the human mind for the future of patients that could revolutionize the way medicine is viewed. “As announced by Moderna, their partnership with Microsoft will enable significant advancements in the prevention and treatment of diseases that have been quite challenging to date. The use of quantum computing, coupled with human brilliance, will make this possible in a timeframe previously unimaginable.”

This century has been the primary witness to the greatest successes of AI, which will collaborate for companies around the world to embrace it as part of their resources for efficiency and process optimization. “For several years now, Iridian has been developing machine learning models for different sectors, with applications that have generated millions of USD in savings for various companies in machinery prevention and maintenance, prediction of possible failures in high-cost machines, and the generation of digital strategies to increase sales for our clients in different industries.”


This is just the beginning of a promising path in technological culture, allowing the construction of an ethical and reliable AI, which, when accompanied by the human mind, can be exploited in the right way.

"La inteligencia artificial:
potenciando el futuro con innovación y visión."